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Terms and Condition for Open access paper
By indicating you agree to the following terms and conditions you consent to all of the following terms and conditions on your own behalf and on behalf of your co-authors, if any.
1. Understandings:
You will be required to pay an article processing fee if your Work is accepted for publication
Fee waviers may not be applied for after submission of your Work
All works submitted to LA are subject to peer and editorial review
On acceptance of the Work for publication, the authors retain the copyright in their Work but assign an exclusive commercial re-use right to OMICS Group. Authors may make any non-commercial use of their work that they wish. However anyone wishing to make commercial use of the Work is required to seek prior written permission from the Publisher, OMICS Group.
LA is not responsible for returning the original disk, hardcopy, and any photographs or illustrations.
Fee reimbursements or refunds in full or part are given at the sole discretion of the publisher.
2. Author Responsibilities:
The Work is in compliance with the author guidelines and any applicable journal-specific guidelines.
Your co-authors (if any) have authorised you to submit the Work.
The Work is not under consideration for publication in another journal nor has it been published in another journal.
You have clearance to reproduce any copyrighted material.
If your paper contains information or photographs relating to individual patients, you have provided, or are able to provide prior to publication,  written and signed consent to publish the information or photographs.  If it does not already, prior to publication your manuscript should contain a statement like this one: "Written consent was obtained from the patient/s or their relative/s for publication of this study." 
Nothing in the Work is unlawful, misrepresentative, libellous, plagurous or would constitute a breach of contract or confidence or commitment to secrecy.
You have taken due care to ensure integrity of the submission and according to currently accepted scientific knowledge all statements in it purporting to be facts are true.

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